Thursday, June 3, 2010

Touhou Project Character Remilia Scarle

Remilia Scarlet (レミリア・スカーレット Remiria Sukāretto?)
Species: Vampire
Ability: Manipulation of fate
Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
Theme Song: Septette for the Dead Princess
Title: Eternally Young Scarlet Moon

Final boss, and a playable character in Touhou 7.5, 8, 10.5 and 12.3. Remilia is the vampiric mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who claims to be descended from Vlad III Dracula although she is not. She is known as the Scarlet Devil as when she feeds, the blood of her victims stains her dress red. Apart from her unpleasant needs, she's hardly malicious enough to deserve such a title; merely childish, even though she's over five hundred years old. Although being a vampire is normally a lonely life, she has a good relationship with her many employees (including Sakuya and Meirin). Reimu is one of the few humans who tolerates her, and Remilia seems quite fond of her in turn. Marisa also gets along with her in exchange for access to her library. Her power is the control of fate (which has never been overtly demonstrated in the games). She prefers melee fighting to danmaku, but when she does resort to the latter, she is fond of red round bullets.

Remilia Scarle Cosplay